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The Latest On The Addams Family

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Many people like to watch the Addams Family, and you can watch what’s new with them on Addams Family Netflix.

The Addams family was created in 1938 by Charles Addams. It shows a modern family that is eccentric in every way. The main characters are Mortisha and Gomez Adams with their children Wendnesday and Pugsley. Also there’s Uncle Foster and Grandma. Later, other characters appeared.

Originally, they were cartoon characters in a comic book and lasted for years, but later a live-action television series was created. Over time, an animated series was created that many enjoyed watching, and two films were made in the 1990s.

Addams Family Netflix

All in all, the Addams family considers themselves a perfectly normal family, while everyone else sees them as very strange and a bit morbid.

A new series is now being filmed to be broadcast on Netflix. In this series, the main story will be about Wednesday, a teenager, and about her thoughts and behaviors during this puberty period. Of course, it will be shown next to her, how her family goes through all that together with her.

The main role was given to Jenna Ortega. Netflix announced her transformation into the character of Wednesday Addams. Wednesday Adams is still in her black dress with a white collar. Although she is a teenager, her braids remain, her complexion is eerily white and her face is very thin. Jenna managed to pull off a bra and look like the real Wednesday Addams.

Catherine Zeta-Jones was cast as Morticia Adams’ mother, and actor Luis Guzm├ín will play Gomez Adams this time. The character of Wednesday’s younger brother, Pugsley Adams, will be played by Isaac Ordonez.

If you want to know a lot more about the new Addams Family series, just one click to Addams Family Netflix. Here you will be able to watch the first trailer that was recorded for the new series.